13 de febrero de 2007

World’s First Commercial Quantum Computer Demonstrated

«New System Aims at Breakthroughs in Medicine, Business Applications and Expanded Use of Digital Computers.

Venture-funded Canadian company shows new product applied to pattern-matching database search.

VANCOUVER, B.C. or MT. VIEW, CA – February 13, 2007 – The world’s first commercially viable quantum computer was unveiled and demonstrated today in Silicon Valley by D-Wave Systems, Inc., a privately-held Canadian firm headquartered near Vancouver.» Noticia completa »

Más información:
Un pequeño Review sobre ésta noticia (en español) »
Un Review mucho más completo, por Dave Bacon »
Y por último... un post en el blog de Dave Bacon donde enlaza múltiples opiniones sobre la "primera (?) computadora cuántica"

3 comentarios:

  1. Rather funnily, that press release has been on the website for many hours, even when it was still night time in California. I'm not sure the demonstration has actually happened already!

  2. Any inforamtion come out of the demo event..?

    Awating information!! Blog anyone?n

  3. Anónimo: The event is today, I don't know to what hour.

    electroacustico: Not yet, but you can see the Scott Aaronson's Anti-Hype FAQ :)

    (Now in Spanish, for my compatriots)
    Anónimo: El evento es hoy, no sé a qué hora.

    electroacustico: No aún, pero podés ver el FAQ Anti-Exageración de Scott Aaronson