17 de enero de 2011

Videos from QIP 2011

QIP2011 videos are online!! You can find them on this link.

I only watched one: Bo'az Klartag and Oded Regev, Quantum one-way communication can be exponentially stronger than classical communication. It presents a classical lower bound for a promise problem from linear algebra which the authors call Vector in Subspace Problem. Their lower bound is based on a very interesting geometric argument on the n-dimensional sphere. This result implies an exponential gap between one-way quantum and classical communication complexity.

Others that I would like to watch (which are related to my own interests) are:
  1. Tsuyoshi Ito, Hirotada Kobayashi and John Watrous, Quantum interactive proofs with weak error bounds.
  2. Loïck Magnin, Martin Roetteler and Jérémie Roland, On the additive and multiplicative adversary methods.
  3. Jianxin Chen, Xie Chen, Runyao Duan, Zhengfeng Ji, Zhaohui Wei and Bei Zeng, On the solution space of quantum 2-SAT problems.
  4. Andrew Childs and Robin Kothari, Quantum query complexity of minor-closed graph properties.
Enjoy the videos!!


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